The School of Rural and Surveying Engineering completes at the end of the current academic year (2012-2013), 50 years of presence in the Greek academia, responding successfully to its multi-role, which is the complete training of students, the promotion of research and the contribution to the country's growth path by providing appropriate expertise to the State, its Authorities and to the community.

This new academic year finds higher education with a new Framework Law (4009/11 and 4076/12) which replaces the previous one being in effect for almost 30 years. The details of implementing the new Law, the Curricula that should be planned, the adaptations to the new course structure and the necessary administrative transformations, are all of first priority. The completion of our first Internal Evaluation, the election of new Directors for our four Laboratories and (for the first time) the issue of the Diploma Supplements for our graduates (in Greek and English), were very important moments during the previous academic year.

The severe financial problems of our country, partly disrupt our operations. Both the State and Community are partly sceptical in what we have achieved and we should by all means ensure the coherence of the academic community. I would like to express the wish, that at the end of the current academic year we will all be ready for the best.

The science of Rural and Surveying Engineering includes a wide range of geoscience and engineering applications at various spatial and time scales, involving projects in geodesy, surveying, cadastre, photogrammetry, cartography, transportation and hydraulic projects. The current curriculum of our School covers with total efficiency of the above scientific disciplines.

The training of new Rural and Surveying Engineers in a rapidly changing scientific, technological and social environment is an interesting endeavor, since providing valid and documented scientific knowledge is required to be accompanied by the development of critical and analytical thinking, self-motivation, efficiency and the ability to solve complex problems. In this direction, our School has largely met the work needed at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as evidenced by the progress of our graduates in various professional and scientific fields and disciplines. Cases rewarding excellence of our graduate students at an international level honor our School, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Greece.

The research work carried out by our School is quite remarkable and is bridged at the international level with successes and distinctions of the members of the teaching and research staff, who are involved in high level research programs and have collaborations with various scientific institutes and research centers.

Addressing the freshmen on behalf of all of my colleagues, I congratulate them on their success in the entry exams, and welcome them to the School. Furthermore, I wish them speedy integration into the educational functions of the School and the university and a fruitful period of studies, so that the scientific tools that they will acquire will prove useful on their later professional and academic careers. The main concern of all, teachers and students alike, should be to maintain the high level of studies at the School, within a creative academic environment that protects and promotes the principles and visions of the Greek public university.

The President of the School
Professor Konstantinos-Vasileios E. Katsampalos
September 2012


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