Studies in the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering


The School of Rural and Surveying Engineering (SR&SE), Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessalonik (AUTh) offers a 5-year program of undergraduate studies which lead to the degree "Diploma of Rural and Surveying Engineering", as well as  graduate specialization programs. A Doctoral Thesis program is also available.

The current new undergraduate program  is in effect since the academic year 2004-2005. The program consists of two units of studies. In the first 3-year unit with 41 compulsory courses (20 preparation courses in the first 3 semesters and 21 basic courses in the next 3 ones) the fundamental profile of the Rural and Surveying Engineer is formed. In the second 2-year unit with 3 compulsory and 12 elective courses (out of 62 totally offered), the students have to select one out of the three School Departments for their elective courses, in order to specialize in one of the main scientific directions of the School.  Out of the 4 semester of the second unit of studies, the last one is devoted to the Diploma Thesis. Thus a total of 55 courses, the course of "Methodology, research and technical writing of research papers" in the 9th semester and a Diploma Thesis are required for graduation.

Out of the 12 elective courses, at least 10 must be from the selected Department. Students make their choice of Department at the beginning of the 7th semester which remains compulsory thereafter. Prerequisite for Department selection is the completion of 10 preparation courses from the 3 first semesters and 10 of the basic courses of the next 3 semesters

Regarding the (n+3)-rule (n = number of courses in the semester enrolled,  n+3 = number of selected courses in each semester):

The School curriculum with all courses per semester and their content can be found in the link UNDERGRADUATE under STUDIES in the central menu of this site.

Extensive curriculum information is also given in the Undergraduate Studies Handbook of the School.

Diploma final grade

The final grade for the Diploma degree is calculated on the basis of the course grades and the Diploma Thesis grade, according to the following algorithm:

Grade Formation

ΒΠ=Diploma final grade
ΒΜ=Course grade
ΒΔ=Diploma grade
BΜΕΣΕ=Grade in the course "Methodology, research and technical writing of research papers"


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