School Departments

The Faculty consists of 3 Departments, which are responsible for its teaching and research activities:

Department of Geodesy and Surveying (DGS) - Chairman: Dimitrios Tsoulis (Associate Professor)

Academic Staff: Georgios S. Vergos (Assistant Professor), Athanasios Dermanis (Professor), Christogeorgis Kaltsikis (Professor), Κostantinos Κatsambalos (Professor), Christoforos Κotsakis (Associate Professor), Εvangelos Livieratos (Professor), Christos Pikridas (Associate Professor), Dimitrios Rossikopoulos (Professor), Spyridon Spatalas (Professor), Ilias N. Tziavos (Professor), Kostantinos Tokmakidis (Professor), Vassileios Tsioukas (Associate Professor), Dimitrios Tsoulis (Associate Professor), Aristidis Fotiou (Professor).
Other Staff: M. Sarridou-Pantartzi, G. Mavrias, P. Koilia

Department of Cadastre, Photogrammetry and Cartography (DCPC) - Chairman: Chryssoula Mpoutoura (Professor)

Academic Staff: Αpostolos Arvanitis (Professor), Olga Georgoula (Professor), Athanasios Dermanis (Professor) (*), Alexandra Kousoulakou (Professor), Peri Lafazani (Associate Professor), Evangelos Livieratos (Professor) (*), Chrisoula Boutoura (Professor), Myron Myridis (Professor), Maria Papadopoulou (Associate Professor), Ioannis Paraschakis (Professor), Petros Patias (Professor), Maria Tsakiri-Strati (Professor).
(*) teaching and research only
Other Staff: V. Fragoulidou, Ι. Manou.

Department of Transportation and Hydraulic Engineering (DTHE) - Chairman: Εpaminontas Sidiropoulos (Associate Professor)

Academic Staff: Athanasios Geitonas (Professor), Stavros Yiannopoulos (Professor), Anna Damaskinidou-Georgiadou (Associate Professor), Christos Evagelidis (Assistant Professor), Georgios Mintsis (Professor), Sokratis Basbas (Associate Professor), Efstathios Oikonomou (Lecturer), Epaminontas Sidiropoulos (Associate Professor), Christos Taxiltaris (Professor), Christoforos Fotiadis (Assistant Professor).
Other Staff: ------------

The elective courses offered by each Department are described in the site of Undergraduate Studies.


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