The School Library

The Library of the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, established in 1964 houses a large collection of printed and digital resources of both scientific and general interest. It is located on the 5th floor of the Surveyors' Building.

Printed material amounts to about  7000 (6747) books, 13 Journals under subscription, as well as the textbooks and class notes which are distributed gratis to the School students. In the following links provide the extensive catalogues of the available Journals, Books and Class Notes.

Library 1Digital material consists of DVD, CD-ROMs, disks with information material and software. The Library material can be lent to the School personnel and students, as well as to those of other AUTh Schools and other Greek academic or research Institutions.

A number of book donations to the School remain outside the Library (not yet registered) and they will become available at the School Museum under construction.

The Library of the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering is a peripheral library, cooperating with the AUTh Central Library in order to provide services in the scientific areas of the School.

The Library Regulation of the School Library follows the one of the AUTh Central Library. The resources available in the Scool Library can be tracked by using the serching engine Ιχνηλάτης of the AUTh Central Library.

The software which supports the organization of the Library allows the search within its resources but also for those in other Libraries in Greece and abroad.

Library Thematic Categories

Library 2The Library covers all the thematic categories in the fields of Rural and Surveying Engineering with emphasis to those related to the undergraduate and graduate studies and the research activities of the School. The collection is continuously enlarged with titles suggested by members of the academic personnel. Also themes outside the main Scholl interests are covered, e.g., history, social sciences, etc.

Library Objectives

The Library aims at the promotion of knowledge and research in the various branches of Rural and Surveying Engineering, in accordance with contemporary needs for development at national as well at international level.

Library Membership

A registration is required for becoming a Library member. An application form (available at the Library) must be completed accompanied by a recent color photograph and demonstration of a legal identification document. A strictly personal membership card is issued, which must be shown to the Library personnel for obtaining books.

Right for membership is limited to the School personnel and students, as well as to external users - visitors whose professional activities are related to the studies and research in the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering.

Online Coursepacks (Blackboard)

The development of online coursepacks aims at organizing all teaching materials in a single, seamless learning environment that may be equally accessed and used by all AUTh academic community members. A.U.Th. Library System has acquired Blackboard, a web-based course management system that enables instructors to provide students with course materials, discussion boards, virtual chat, online quizzes, an academic resource center, and more. Therefore it can contribute in enriching the traditional learning experience, in encouraging and supporting the development of distance learning programs. More information on the Blackboard online system can be found in the following link.

Library Committee

The Library Committee consists of the School President Prof. Ilias N. Tziavos and the members Epaminontas Sidiropoulos  και Maria Tsakiri-Strati. In charge of the Library is Ms. Parthenia Koilia.


Phone: 2310996098, 2310996405 Fax: 2310996408

Library of the Scool of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Thessaloniki University Campus, Topografon (Surveyors') Building, AUTh, 5th floor, 54124, Thessaloniki.


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