Greeting by the President of RSE/AUTh

The School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki offers with consistency and success spanning over the last 58 years a multifold and continuously updated curriculum of studies. Geodesy, surveying, cadastre, photogrammetry, cartography, transportation and hydraulics are the scientific disciplines which are covered from the current curriculum providing our graduates with the necessary scientific background for a professional or research career.


Transfer of scientific know-how to different State agencies, significant international presence of the academic staff as well as international cases of excellence of our graduates, Masters and PhD students prove the quality level of the teaching and research work performed in our School, both at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Addressing our freshmen on behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to congratulate them for their success, and welcome them to the family of our School. I wish them a rapid adaptation to the academic life and I want to assure them that all of the staff is going to be there for them during their studies.


The President of the School

Dimitrios Tsoulis