Diploma Thesis

The 10th semester of studies is devoted to the Diploma Thesis. The Diploma Thesis is the culmination of the student's educational life.Every year the Departments of the School announce a list of topics proposed to the students.

The Diploma Thesis topic can be decided already in the 9th semester or greater, provided that the student has already selected his Department of studies and has already fulfilled his obligations in 40 courses. It is possible to work on an inter-Departmental thesis topic provided that the thesis supervisor is a member of the Department of studies selected by the student. The duration of the thesis work should not exceed 4 semesters, otherwise the topic assignment is no more valid, except if the thesis supervisor suggest an extension for specific reasons.

More relevant information can be found under the "STUDIES" menu or at the site Undergraduate Studies/10th semester/Diploma Thesis.

For advice on the choice of the Diploma Thesis topic the students may consult within each Department with the Student Advisor.