Academic Advisor

The School of Rural & Surveying Engineering has introduced in 1989 the Academic Advisor (AC). Every Department assigns a member of the academic personnel, which:

On specific days and hours of the week is available for consultation to any student who has a specific problem with his studies. He discusses with the student topics related to the scientific fields covered by the Department and helps him in making decision about the choice of courses, Diploma Thesis topic, graduate studies, etc.

The Academic Advisors for the current academic year, as proposed by the Departments, are:

  • D. Τsoulis , for the Department of Geodesy & Surveying (5th floor).
  • A. Kousoulakou , for the Department of Cadastre, Photogrammetry and Cartography (6th floor).
  • S. Basbas , for the Department of Transformation and Hydraulic Engineering (4the floor).

Consultation with the Academic Advisor aims to the enhancement of student-teacher communication and poses no limits to the final decisions of the student about his studies which remain his own personal responsibility.