The offices of Secretariat of School of Rural and Surveying Engineering AUTh, are located at the central building of Faculty of Engineering (AUTH Campus), 1st floor  and are open for students daily from 11.30am - 13.00pm.

Secretary General:   Irene Megka-Golfou
Tel.: +30 2310 99 5991, Fax: +302310 99 5978
Address: Secretariat of the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, AUTh, Thessaloniki University Campus,  Faculty of Engineering Building, 1st floor, GR-54124 Thessaloniki

Secreteriat Personnel:
P. Giovanouli, Τel: +302310 99 5823
Ι. Mplioumi, Tel: +302310 99 5403
D.Serbezoudis, Tel: +302310 99 5402
V.Pappa Tel: +302310 99 5401

  • Electronic selection of courses (The following links are available only in Greek)

Students of the School must select the courses to be attended in each semester by visiting the site AUTH IT Center. Access to this service is possible using the same username / password as for the corresponding student e-mail.

Students who have no access to the AUTh Computer Network should obtain a password from the School Secretariat in order to submit their  course selection application.

Information about computer services available to the students can be found at the AUTh Electronic Services Internet Gate, with detailed use instructions. Further instructions can be found in the availableCourse Selection Application Manual.

The computer services available to the AUTh students are described in detail at the IT site.

It should be noted that one day after the electronic submission of the Course Selection Application students should download and print the list of selected courses as proof of submission.

  • Electronic Submission for Textbooks (The following links are available only in Greek)

The textbook registration that the students wish to receive gratis for the current semester is done through the dedicated Eudoxus site at the application main page.

To this respect, the analytical catalogue of the textbooks offered to the RSE/AUTH students for all semesters can be found here at the Eudoxus website.