The School maintains a large number of equipment for both teaching and research.

The Department of Geodesy and Surveying operates three digital stations for the registration of sea tides. The first is housed in the Thessaloniki Harbor Organization facilities, the second in the "Villa Magda" of the Moskov family in Platamon, Prefecture of Pieria and the third at Agios Charalambos, Maronia, Prefecture of Rodopi.

The Department of Geodesy and Surveying operates a calibration basis for EDM instruments in the region of Axios river near Thessaloniki.

The Department of Geodesy and Surveying operates four permanent GPS stations which are part of the EUREF network in Thermi, Thessaloniki (AUT1), Xanthi (DUTH) and Larisa (LARM).

The School also maintains a Museum of Historical Instruments (underground floor of Surveyors' Wing ).

The extensive list of the instruments and equipment of the School can be found below.

Instruments and other equipement at the R&SE/AUTh

  • 31 total stations
  • 14 second theodolites
  • 4 digital theodolites
  • 25 tachymeters
  • 29 standard accuracy levels
  • 7 digital levels
  • 1 lazer scanner
  • 18 GPS receivers
  • 4 permanent GPS stations
  • 2 LaCoste & Romberg gravimeters
  • 1 self-recording gravimeter CG-5 Scintrex
  • 1 super conducting gravimeter GWR #17
  • 2 magnetometers
  • 1 altimeter
  • 1 Wild E4 rectificator
  • 2 stereo cameras (Wild C120 and Wild C40)
  • 1 phototheodolite Wild P30
  • 1 terrestrial camera Wild P32
  • 1 aerial camera Jena
  • 5 amateur cameras (1 Hasselblad, 1 Polaroid, 1 Minolta, 2 Voigtländer)
  • 68 pocket stereoscopes (Zeiss and Jena)
  • 4 reflective pocket stereoscopes Wild
  • 24 table reflective stereoscopes and parallax rods
  • Organized lab for development and printing of photographs and diapositives
  • 1 γ-radiation apparatus and regulator
  • a number of pressure converters
  • chronometers

A considerable number of instruments no more in use (old theodolites and levels, EDM, astronomical theodolites Τ4 and DKM3A, astrolabes, chronographs and chronometers, photogrammetric instruments, etc.) are exposed at the School Museum in the 1st underground floor of the Surveyors' Wing.