The Faculty consists of 3 Departments, which are responsible for its teaching and research activities:

Department of Geodesy and Surveying

Field: Academic field of Geodesy and Surveying is the Study (measurements, processing, display) of the geometric, kinematic and dynamic characteristics and structures of earth and space area at various scales.

Chairman: Christoforos Κotsakis (Professor)

Academic Staff: Georgios S. Vergos (Associate Professor), Vassilios N. Grigoriadis (Assistant Professor), Κostantinos Κatsambalos (Professor), Christoforos Κotsakis (Professor), Constantinos Panagiotakopoulos (Professor), Christos Pikridas (Professor), Dimitrios Rossikopoulos (Professor), Spyridon Spatalas(Professor), Ilias N. Tziavos (Professor), Kostantinos Tokmakidis (Professor), Vassileios Tsioukas(Professor), Dimitrios Tsoulis (Professor), Aristidis Fotiou (Professor)
Laboratory Staff: Anastasios Fylaktakis
Other Staff: P.Koilia


Department of Cadastre, Photogrammetry and Cartography

Field: Academic field of Cadastre, Photogrammetry and Cartography is the Study (measurements and recordings, treatment, monitoring display) of the landscape, the analysis, interpretation and evaluation of the characteristics of the natural and human environment, in order to create integrated IT infrastructure and participation in shaping development programs.

Chairman: Chrisoula Boutoura (Professor)

Academic Staff: Αpostolos Arvanitis (Professor), Olga Georgoula (Professor), Alexandra Kousoulakou (Professor),  Chrisoula Boutoura (Professor), Maria Papadopoulou(Associate Professor), Petros Patias (Professor)
Laboratory Teaching Staff: Vasiliki FragkoulidouStella Giannokopoulou, Dimitris Sarafidis, Fotis Patonis
Other Staff:  Ιoanna  Manou

Department of Transportation and Hydraulic Engineering

Field: Academic field of Transportation and Hydraulic Engineering is the Study of transformation capabilities of the physical space through construction, technical, transportation and hydraulic development works that based on given or supplementary information infrastructure, to exploit the country's resources.

Chairman: Athanasios Loukas (Assistant Professor)

Academic Staff: Athanasios Geitonas (Professor), Christos Evagelidis (Professor), Athanasios Loukas (Assistant Professor), Georgios Mintsis (Professor), Sokratis Basbas (Professor), Efstathios Oikonomou (Assistant Professor), Christos Taxiltaris (Professor)
Laboratory Teaching Staff: Antonia Tsoukala, George Papaevangelou