Career Profile

  • Definition

The Rural and Surveying Engineer (R&SE) is practicing in the fields of Geodesy, Surveying, Cartography, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Cadastre, Transportation and Hydraulic works (small with respect to planning, small and large with respect to construction) Urban and Regional Planning as well as Environmental Studies.

  • Studies - Professional License

The Diploma of Rural and Surveying Engineer is awarded in Greece by two institutions the Schools of Rural and Surveying Engineer of the National Technical University in Athens and of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After graduation all new engineers have to pass an assessment test at the Technical Chamber of Greece (Greek Chamber of Engineers) in order to obtain the license for professional practice. Graduates from other countries need to recognize their academic titles according to Greek legislation before taking the assessment test.

Professional career options for Rural & Surveying Engineers

A Rural & Surveying Engineer may be professionally active in one or more of the following career options:

  • Independent Planner

Independent planner on contract for the State, Public and Private Organizations, Local Government, Public Utilities Companies, etc.

  • Constructor

Constructor of works various public or various organizations..

  • Private Employee

Private Employee for an independent planner, planning office, or a constructor.

  • Public Employee

Public Employee for Public or Private Organizations, Local Government, Public Utilities Companies, etc.

  • Educator

As teacher in the in the intermediate, higher and University level education.

  • Researcher

Free-lance professional and  Free-lance professional (planner or constructor of private works, etc.).

More information on the job opportunities of a Rural & Surveying Engineer can be found in the following extensive report by Prof. S. Yiannopoulos .